AIC Organization

General Assembly:

All general members comprise the General Assembly. General membership is renewed each year, especially, during July-October time frame.  The Executive Committee and Board of Trustees are elected from the General Assembly.

Executive Committee (The year in parenthesis shows end date of current tenure):

Dr. Mohammad Alathamneh (2023)
Dr. Mehmet Arik (2024)
Vacant (2023)
Dr. Munshi Mahbubul Basit (2024)
Dr. Erfan Ullah Chowdhury (2024)
Mustafa Kazmi (2023) – President
Dr. Muhammad G. Khodary (2024)
Dr. Mustapha Maarouf (2023)
Dr. Mike McKee (2024) – Treasurer
Abubakr Siddique (2023) – General Secretary

Board of Trustees:

Dr. Abdus Salam Biswas
Dr. Latif Kalin
Dr. Mohammed Kamal Hossain
Dr. Samir Raouafi
Dr. Mohammed Saleem


Amendment to AIC Constitution-2022

Amendment Summary

Amendment Text

Current Constitution