AIC Organization

General Assembly:

All general members comprise the General Assembly. General membership is renewed each year, especially, during July-October time frame.  The Executive Committee and Board of Trustees are elected from the General Assembly.

Executive Committee (The year in parenthesis shows end date of current tenure):

Dr. Mehmet Arik (2024), Vice President
Dr. Munshi Mahbubul Basit (2024)
Dr. Erfan Ullah Chowdhury (2024)
Rayyan Hussain (2025), General Secretary
Mustafa Kazmi (2025), President
Dr. Muhammad G. Khodary (2024)
Dr. Mustapha Maarouf (2025)
Dr. Mike McKee (2024), Treasurer
Muhammad Nur (2025)
Dr. Osman Yardimci (2025)

Board of Trustees:

Dr. Abdus Salam Biswas
Dr. Latif Kalin
Dr. Mohammed Kamal Hossain
Dr. Samir Raouafi
Dr. Mohammed Saleem


Amendment to AIC Constitution-2022

Amendment Summary

Amendment Text

Current Constitution