Thank you for your interest in visiting the Auburn Islamic Center! We are located in Auburn, Alabama, USA.

Arranging a Visit

Visitors are encouraged to send us a message using the Contact Us page to ensure a host is available. Generally, the evening prayers (Maghrib at sunset and Isha later in the evening), are the most informative for guests interested in observing Muslims pray, and giving us a day or more notice is appreciated to allow us to best accommodate schedules mutually. A typical visit that includes observing prayer and an opportunity for questions and answers takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

While visitors may come by unannounced, please note that a host may not be available, and attendees at the masjid may not be available for questions or answers due to other commitments.

Are There Rules?
Visitors should plan to remove shoes when attending since shoes are not allowed in the carpeted prayer halls.

Please do not concern yourself with any additional rules or regulations about visiting. Generally, dressing and acting like a guest at a friend’s house is good enough for a visit to the Auburn Islamic Center!