The membership list is available in the masjid for those who wish to have a more active role in long-term community decision making as a voting member in the Auburn Islamic Center (AIC) organization. AIC is a voluntary organization. You do not need to be an AIC member to pray in our masjid or participate in any masjid or community activities. The only requirement to join is to sign your name to the list that is posted in masjid hallway and acknowledge a voluntary contribution($12) to the masjid operating fund. You may also do the same online by submitting your details on this page. For those wishing a more direct role in masjid and activity management, active AIC membership current for at least 30 days makes you eligible for elected AIC Executive Committee (one-year term) or AIC Board of Directors (five-year term) service.
Please avail of this opportunity.

Join AIC list

Send a blank email to
to join the AIC email list. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to confirm your request.